UK Parachuting has a 25 year history formerly known as Ipswich Parachute Centre and operated for many years at Ipswich airport. UK Parachuting is based in the village of Beccles 15 miles South West of Norwich in the heart of East Anglia. Built as a USAF base in World War 2, the airfield is now used for parachute operations with a brand new Cessna Caravan turbine aircraft.

UK Parachuting is a full time school training and jumping continuing all year round. We are open seven days a week. We have unlimited altitude very few other aircraft activities and no air traffic problems. Pilots and skydiving instructors are always present on the airfield to give friendly advice.

UK Parachuting has been operating at Beccles Airfield since 1998. Our jumpers make a combined total of more than 10,000 jumps each year. The club membership has grown in the past 3 years from 6 members to over 250 and growing more and more each day, we offer coaching in all forms of parachuting and skydiving.

All instruction at UK Parachuting is provided by British Parachute Association qualified Instructors.

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We are a British Parachute Association approved Parachute Centre