About UK Parachuting

 UK Parachuting was established 30 years ago as Ipswich Parachute Centre and operated for many years at Ipswich Airport. The company now has two sites at Beccles and Sibson. The Beccles Drop Zone is located 15 miles south west of Norwich in the heart of rural East Anglia. The airfield we use was originally built as a USAF base in World War 2 but is now home to our own Cessna Caravan turbine(Blawkhawk 19 place) aircraft. The Sibson Drop Zone is situated 5 miles from Peterborough and has great access from the A1. We are only 1 hour from central London and have 2 Cessna Caravan turbine 16 place aircraft.

We operate 12 months of the year, weather permitting. For full operation times visit our websites:

Beccles Airfield: www.ukparachuting.co.uk
Sibson Airfield: www.skydivesibson.co.uk

We have 4 Cessna Caravans in our skydiving fleet. 2 x C208B  1 x C208B (Blackhawk) 1 x C208  

We also have no airspace issues allowing us to fly up to altitudes of 15,000ft.

Our club jumpers make a combined total of more than 15,000 jumps each year and club membership, currently at over 500, and growing. We offer coaching in all forms of parachuting and skydiving at many different levels and all of our instructors are British Parachute Association (BPA) qualified.

Jason Thompson (Tomo)
Tomo has been a professional skydiver for over 20 years, has over 12,000 jumps and is a multi world record holder. He served for 15 years in the Parachute Regiment, spending two-thirds of this time in the Pathfinder Platoon where he qualified in military HALO/HAHO and Military Tandem. He is currently UK Parachuting Chief Instructor (CI) and holds British Parachute Association Advanced Instructor/Accelerated Free Fall Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Category System Instructor/Advanced Packer/Canopy Piloting Coach ratings. Tomo is also rated with the United States Parachute Association.

Grant Richards
Grant has been a skydiver for over 20 years and has logged over 10,000 jumps. Prior to his involvement with UK Parachuting, he served for 22 years with the Royal Air Force as a Physical Training and Parachute Jumping Instructor, teaching the British Armed Forces all aspects of military jumping, from static line to high altitude free fall parachuting and tandem parachuting. He is a British Parachute Association (BPA) and United States Parachute Association (USPA) accelerated free fall instructor, tandem instructor, free fall coach and canopy piloting coach. Grant is also a BPA parachute pilot and the Club Chief Pilot at UK Parachuting (Beccles/Sibson).


meet the team

UK Parachuting is run by a dedicated team of professional Skydive instructors. Jason & Grant together have built up highly qualified team, to find out more about the directors and meet the rest of the team:

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Tandem Skydive

Make a Tandem Skydive from 2 miles high! Securely harnessed to your tandem skydiving instructor, you will be in freefall for 50 seconds doing speeds in excess of 120mph

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Charity Skydive

We have hundreds of people per year wishing to raise money for a good cause by doing a charity tandem skydive

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An AFF skydive from 13,000ft will allow you to experience the freefall of 50 seconds before you pull you own parachute, and steer your way around the sky for 5 minutes before landing safely back on the Drop Zone. Once you then had the tasted the ultimate rush you can decide whether to continue and get your licence and become a regular club member.

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Adrenaline Junkie Reviews

About UK Parachuting

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From 553 Customer Reviews

"Fantastic experience for those taking part and a very nice cafe on site for those watching! Had two trips here due to weather cancelling the jump on Saturday, but quickly up today before more clouds moved in and looked after very well. Thanks to Rick for taking care of Jack and the great Gopro video footage! "

- ,

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gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for both the Tandem Skydive and the Accelerated Freefall Level one.

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