By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

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Pilgrim’s vision is for every Muslim to answer to the call of Ibrahim (AS).

What problem are we solving? 93% of the world’s Muslims will never make Hajj. In fact, only 9% ever have! With the rising cost of Hajj, it feels like this first pillar of Islam will soon be abandoned. That is just a shame. It’s a shame on us if we can’t do something about this. We can do something about this. 1/3 Muslims now also put others needs ahead of the obligation, whilst 1/3 do not even consider it a significant pillar of Islam!

Our purpose. If Allah has made the pilgrimage a pillar for us, even with its criteria, shouldn’t those who can at least attempt to fulfil our obligation? Receive the reward of helping establish the WORLDS FIRST dedicated organisation to inspiring, educating, empowering and supporting Pilgrims!