UK Emergency Support Services

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

“UK Emergency Support Services is a registered ‘Not for Profit’ organisation with wholly charitable purposes. The organisation has been set up with its principle aim to provide reliable and effective practical aid and support to Front Line Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Communities and Response organisations during Public and National Emergencies, Major Incidents, Severe Weather Incidents and National Crisis.  The Organisation also aims to aid in public education of safety and first aid campaign.

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In addition to our principle aim, UK Emergency Support Services provide Training (such as First Aid, Safeguarding and Conflict Management), Event and Medical Services, Community Education and Welfare Services


Our vision is to have Response Teams based across the country, able to deploy a fully equipped response team to developing situations, anywhere in the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The purpose of the response teams is to provide coordinated teams of multi-disciplined volunteers that can provide support where needed; they are backed further by an in house Welfare Team who provide support to the volunteers both during and post operational deployment. The Organisation does not exist to provide support services that are already being provided by other volunteer services, but to compliment such agencies by adding further resources and filling gaps where needed. 


Operational Deployments can include, but are not limited to Community Flood Preparation Support, Post Flood Recovery Support, Severe Weather Support, General Practical Support and Assistance to the Emergency Services including staffing perimeter cordons and welfare support units, Welfare Support to members of the public during serious incidents. 


Our members are drawn from all walks of life who have a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets with a common attribute shared by every one of them; the desire, passion and resolve to help victims of disasters and major incidents in the UK.


To jump in aid of UK Emergency Support services we ask that you raise a minimum of £400. This is broken down as; £50 deposit refunded to you, £165 to UK Parachuting to pay the remainder cost of the jump and £185 donation to UK Emergency Support Services. Deposit of £50 is payable by you on making a booking and this will be refunded on receipt of £400 raised in sponsorship. This will allow you to jump for Free”