Experienced jumpers

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Open 7 days a week all year round. Call for mid week times: 01502 476131

Planned Events for 2018
  • Coaching Weekend FS/FF/TR/ Progression briefs for B license 7th/8th April.
  • Sunset loads last Wednesday of every month starting the 25th April.


  • Scrambles 5/6th May alternate date 7th May.(Aircraft BlackHawk 3 teams per load)


  • Flight 101/102 Canopy School 16th/17th June.


  • BPA Freefley Roadshow FF1/FF2 FREE  coaching all weekend 14th/15th July.


  • DZ Hop Sibson jumpers jump into Beccles for a day of skydiving at Beccles 2 caravans all day 25th July.


  • F/S with Tomo FREE coaching 1 on1 up to FS1 and larger formations 11th/12th August.


  • Flight 201/202 Canopy School 15th/16th September.


  • 4 way Speed with the infamous Danny French (Organising) 29th/30th Sept


  • Freefly coaching with Tim Porter on request all year.


  • Wingsuit first flight courses with Javi on request.


  • TR1/TR2 coaching with Javi on request all year.


  • FS/FF coaching available all year round with our resident coaches.


  • Packing courses available throughout the year contact Javi on FB.


  • 1 x Cessna Caravan (BlackHawk 20 place)
  • Large indoor packing area.
  • Onsite restaurant – Skydive Cafe.
  • Camping (Free).
  • Bunkhouse £5 per night.
  • Showers.
  • On site gear sales.

At UK Parachuting we have something to suit the needs of every skydiver with the added bonus of a friendly club atmosphere!


Jump Prices 2018
Low Flight Ticket £18.00
Low Flight Ticket Kit Hire & Packing £31.00
High Flight Ticket £23.00
High Flight Ticket Kit Hire and Packing £35.00
Block of 10 Flight Tickets £207.00


FS Coaching Jump Prices 2018
2 Way £50.00
2 Way with Kit Hire & Packing £60.00
3 Way £70.00
3 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £80.00
4 Way £90.00
4 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £99.00