Experienced jumpers

 Join us on Facebook Beccles Fun Jumpers closed group request to join, to find out more about our events.
Open 7 days a week all year round. Call for mid week times: 01502 476131.
Note: Club Jumpers bring in a family member or friend for a Tandem Skydive at full price of £240 and get a FREE jump ticket. 

Planned Events for 2019
  • Progression briefs for B license JM1/CH2  2nd/3rd Feb.
  • Coaching Weekend FS/FF/TR/ Progression briefs for B license JM1/CH2  6th/7th April.
  • Sunset loads last Wednesday of every month  24th April 5pm onwards.


  • Scrambles 4/5th May alternate date 6th May.(Aircraft BlackHawk 3 teams per load) After party prize giving. Free BBQ.
  • BPA Freefly Roadshow FF1/FF2 FREE  coaching all weekend dates 18th/19th.
  • Sunset loads Wednesday 29th May 5pm onwards.


  • James Brooke Memorial Skydive day 15th June FS/FF Organized loads/Tracking/Smoke jumps/Pub/BBQ.
  • Sunset loads Wednesday 26th June 5pm onwards.


  • Heli jumps Sibson 26th July Caravan leaves Beccles 16 jumpers jump into Sibson jump Heli return later that day jump back into Beccles. Preregistration required as limited slots available. Flight and jump into Sibson and return to Beccles jump £60. Heli jumps per jump £70. Deposit required £35.


  • Beccles Vs Sibson Event 10th/11th Aug (more details to follow)
  • F/S with Tomo FREE coaching 1 on1 up to FS1 and larger formations dates TBC.
  • Sunset loads Wednesday 28th August 5pm onwards.
  • Freefly Coaching with James Moran/Rich Madeley 30th/31st/Aug 1st Sept.
  • FREE coaching just pay your slot.
  • Limitations Tracking groups of 4+ coach must be comfortable flying in a group of 4/5.
  • Limitations FF1 minimum requirement must be comfortable flying in groups of 4/6 must be able to break off on your back safely on heading.


  • DZ Hop Sibson jumpers jump into Chatteris pack then jump into Beccles for a day of skydiving at Beccles 2 caravans jump back into Sibson that night at Sunset 6th Sept.
  • Flight 201/202 Canopy School 7th/8th September. To Register: https://flight-1.com/sport/certification/
  • 4 way Speed with the infamous Danny French (Organising) 21st/22nd Sept.
  • Sunset loads Wednesday 25th September 5pm onwards.


  • Coaching Weekend FS/FF/TR/ Progression briefs for B license JM1/CH2  12th/13th October.


  • Last weekend of season 21st/22nd December.

All year round

  • Wingsuit first flight courses with Javi on request.
  • TR1/TR2 coaching with Javi on request all year.
  • FS/FF coaching every day all year round with our resident coaches.(Check board for available coaches on a daily basis)
  • Packing courses available throughout the year contact Javi on FB. Beccles Fun Jumpers closed group request to join today.


  • 1 x Cessna Caravan (BlackHawk 19 place)
  • Large indoor packing area.
  • Creeper pad
  • Onsite restaurant – Skydive Cafe.
  • Camping (Free).
  • Bunkhouse £5 per night.
  • Showers.
  • On site gear sales, Logbooks/Gloves/Goggles etc.
  • Dealers for Airtec/Sunpath/Performance Designs/L&B/Alti2/Intrudair/SWS.

At UK Parachuting we have something to suit the needs of every skydiver with the added bonus of a friendly club atmosphere!

Jump Prices 2019
Low Flight Ticket £18.00
Low Flight Ticket Kit Hire & Packing £31.00
High Flight Ticket £23.00
High Flight Ticket Kit Hire and Packing £35.00
Block of 10 Flight Tickets £210.00
FS Coaching Jump Prices 2019
2 Way £50.00
2 Way with Kit Hire & Packing £60.00
3 Way £70.00
3 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £80.00
4 Way £90.00
4 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £99.00