Tandem Skydiving with UKPARA

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

This form of skydiving has been around since the 80’s. Because most people only jump once to check it off of the bucket list, tandem skydiving is the most popular way to experience the world of skydiving. It involves a student who is connected to a specially certified tandem instructor. The pair jump together, often with a videographer to document the event. The instructor deploys a [...]



Whats it like to skydive??

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Describing the indescribable…

Everybody who hasn’t jumped out of a perfectly good airplane wonders the same thing: what does it feel like to skydive?  There are both physical and emotional answers to this question.

It’s such an unfamiliar concept, falling through the air at 120+ mph. Most people who have jumped say things like “the feeling is indescribable” or “unlike anything else” when talking about the sensation [...]



What is tandem skydiving

What happens when you SKYDIVE?!

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

What happens when you skydive out of the plane?

This is such a difficult sensation over load to put into words! What its not like is a roller coaster, you know that tummy flipping, gut wrenching lurch of feeling.  Its very, very obvious that you are falling, and that the earth is getting very close… Very quickly!  (What is also very apparent is that if your [...]



Fun with friends

Skydiving DID YOU KNOWS….???

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Skydiving is one of the most unique and exhilarating activities you could ever hope to participate in, and it has a long and exciting history. From famous skydivers to impressive jumps, there are plenty of skydiving facts to learn about. We’re here to recount some of our favourites and hopefully tell you something you didn’t already know about skydiving!!


The YOUNGEST skydive:

Did you know that the [...]



Taking you one one way flights!

What’s so special about skydiving??

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Shopping for really boring household goods (duvets, loo brush, that kind of thing…) before a manifest shift a couple of weeks ago – dressed in a UK Para T shirt.

Why am I talking about this?

I was surprised to be confronted by the check out lady. Is that the skydiving place in Beccles she opened with, as it turns out her daughter had tandem skydived with [...]



Skydiving Competion

A super successful skydiving SCRAMBLES

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Skydiving Success!

What an incredible bank holiday weekend we have had here at UK Para Beccles. A massive high five goes out to every skydiver that joined us, and skydiver spectators too – nothing like good fun in the skies and on the ground. We can’t wait to do it all again next year, same bank holiday weekend so get it in your diary now!

What is [...]



What is tandem skydiving


By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Tandem skydiving or tandem parachuting

Refers to a type of skydiving where a student skydiver is connected to a harness attached to a tandem instructor.

The instructor

Guides the student through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The student needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump with the instructor. At UK Parachuting we require that you be 16 years [...]



Charity Events

Does raising funds for charity make skydiving even better?

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Well, we know skydiving is a fulfilling experience, and we keep going on about how great it is… a special, once in a lifetime make you Cheshire Cat grin for days kind of experience…

What could possibly improve on that? By raising funds for charity of course.

We all have charities which are close to our hearts, a cause which needs more funds to do the special [...]



Not another bunch of flowers

Does it matter where you skydive?

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

One of the less talked about parts of skydiving is the sensational ride under canopy. Yeah, the 150 mph free fall is going to blow your mind when you first skydive, but then couple this with the most serene and peaceful 5 minutes you will ever experience – It’s more than just special… it’s sensory overload!

Once the parachute opens

You are soaring through the air and [...]



Skydive from a Black Hawk

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting


We are over the moon to announce that our new Black Hawk Skydive Plane has landed in the UK

… and is getting ready for its arrival to fly over the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk. It’s been lots of work to find the perfect skydive plane (would you believe there aren’t that many in the world). With the boss taking a trip to San [...]