Charity Events

Does raising funds for charity make skydiving even better?

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

Well, we know skydiving is a fulfilling experience, and we keep going on about how great it is… a special, once in a lifetime make you Cheshire Cat grin for days kind of experience…

What could possibly improve on that? By raising funds for charity of course.

We all have charities which are close to our hearts, a cause which needs more funds to do the special [...]



Not another bunch of flowers

Does it matter where you skydive?

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting

One of the less talked about parts of skydiving is the sensational ride under canopy. Yeah, the 150 mph free fall is going to blow your mind when you first skydive, but then couple this with the most serene and peaceful 5 minutes you will ever experience – It’s more than just special… it’s sensory overload!

Once the parachute opens

You are soaring through the air and [...]



Skydive from a Black Hawk

By jude wilson - UK Parachuting


We are over the moon to announce that our new Black Hawk Skydive Plane has landed in the UK

… and is getting ready for its arrival to fly over the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk. It’s been lots of work to find the perfect skydive plane (would you believe there aren’t that many in the world). With the boss taking a trip to San [...]



Anchorage Trust

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

The Anchorage Trust was founded in March 2015 to provide an innovative, unique and forward thinking approach to the issue of youth homelessness and to support those at risk of homelessness. We facilitate affordable, safe and sustainable tenancies and provide bespoke tenancy support, independent living skills and employability programmes to allow young people to progress and reach full independence. The trust works with young people [...]



Skydiving in Winter: Pro Tips On How To Do It Right

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting



What is your skydiving wind limit? Are you sure?

By JT - UK Parachuting

What are the strongest winds you will jump in? Most skydivers claim they know their limits. But, do we stay within them? How strong is your conviction when the door light comes on and your friends are ready to go?

Of course there will always be a chief instructor on the ground noramlly when parachute operation are taking [...]



Santa Skydive

By JT - UK Parachuting

Santa Skyive in aid of The Big C

Event Date: December 9 2017

When cancer threatens someone you love: Big C’s scientists, nurses and the hospitals we equip will give them a fighting chance at life and hope for a future with you. Big C is dedicated to fighting to help local folk affected by cancer in Norfolk & Waveney.

“Raise a minimum of £300 and your skydive [...]



Spook-Tacular Skydiving at Beccles Scairfield 28th/29th October

By JT - UK Parachuting

Save £20 per tandem for jumping in fancy dress on the day.

Normally £230.

Just £210

£50.00 secures your booking.



10 reasons you should try skydiving!

By JT - UK Parachuting

Its totally easier than you think:  You’ll be strapped to an experienced instructor who does all the hard work, leaving you to take in the epic views, not only that, these legends are absolute guns at getting the money shots, so you can relive the experience over and over and get the all-important Insta worthy pics!

2. Its a real confidence boost:  Skydiving is the ultimate [...]



Tandem Skydiving with UK Parachuting

By JT - UK Parachuting

This form of skydiving has been around since the 80’s. Because most people only jump once to check it off of the bucket list, tandem skydiving is the most popular way to experience the world of skydiving. It involves a student who is connected to a specially certified tandem instructor. The pair jump together, often with a videographer to document the event. The instructor deploys a [...]