Congratulations guys you are now Tandem Instructors

By JT - UK Parachuting

Well done to Max and Andy on passing with flying colours you British Parachute Association tandem instructors course, you all may remember these two guys if you have already jumped with us and had the experience filmed as they were probably sitting in front of you snapping away with their cameras.

Criteria for the course can be found below:

To become a Tandem Instructor, the candidate must [...]



Celebrating Suffolk Day with views of Suffolk from the Sky

By Skydive - UK Parachuting



Daredevil dinner ladies take on charity jump

By JT - UK Parachuting

TWO daredevil school dinner ladies have raised more than £1,000 for charity after completing a tandem skydive.

Kathryn Risidore, 32, from Rayleigh, and Paula Penson, 40, from Hockley, met through work at Hockley Primary School, in Chevening Gardens.

The brave duo, who have worked together for three years, both wanted to complete a skydive and decided it would be a great way [...]



Break Charity Skydive Day

By JT - UK Parachuting

Could not ask for a better days weather for this group of 5 tandem skydivers that jumped for this great charity Break.

For further information on how to jump for Break just follow the link below:





Callum Kennedy 500th Skydive

By JT - UK Parachuting

Callum was our first apprentice at UK Parachuting who did his Accelerated Freefall Course in July 2016 since then Callum has done 500 jumps within the last 10 months.

Current qualifications:

British Parachute Assocation A/B/C licenses.

BPA Formation Skydiver 1

BPA Freefly 1

BPA Individual Style 1

BPA Qualified Cameraman.

Ground Radio Operator.

First Aider at work.

At the moment he is currently working towards his Tandem Instructor Rating which he hopes to do [...]



Responsibilities of a Drop Zone Controller

By JT - UK Parachuting

Must hold a BPA B licence

DZ Control must be continuously established when parachuting is in progress.

The DZ Controller must be a nominated BPA ‘B’ Licence parachutist or above who has been fully briefed on his/her responsibilities and duties for the specific activities of the day and must be in place whilst parachuting is in progress.


The DZ Controller’s responsibilities will include the following:


The setting up [...]



Congratulations to group Skydive for Tesco’s Charity day

By JT - UK Parachuting

Well done from the team at UK Parachuting to the 11 jumpers from Tesco’s raising money for the Tesco’s charity of the year.



Are Skydivers Totally Nuts!!

By JT - UK Parachuting


We don’t mean to toot our own horns when we say that skydivers are some of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet–and our general willingness to share our uniqueness can sometimes strike people as utterly nutty. That said, we’re not, like, crazy (for the most part). In fact, [...]



The Allan Family

By JT - UK Parachuting

So the first sunset load of the season the Allan family managed to do 10 tandem skydives in beautiful clear skies.




Why Your Second Jump is 100x Better Than Your First!

By JT - UK Parachuting

Everyone who has ever made a Skydive agrees, there is nothing that compares to your first jump!

Most of us dreamt and thought about it for a long time before ever actually making it to the drop zone. We tried to imagine what it was going to be like, the sound of the wind, the air [...]